Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa

A. News from OCPA
Activities of the Executive Director in April 2018
A.1 OCPA at the World Summit of Culture (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 8 - 12 April 2018)
A.2 Postponement of the First International Conference on Oral History of Mozambique to May 2019
A.3 AUC Seminar on the implementation of the Charter for African Cultural Renaissance
A.4 Mission to Zimbabwe for the launch the Internet Portal of the RICADIA Network
A.5 Participation of the OCPA at the 3rd Regional Youth Seminar for Heritage
A.6 Publications de l’OCPA/OCPA Publications
B. News, events and projects in Africa
B.1 The B-Faso Creative Pilot Program
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The Features Of The Kenyan Coastal Region

The Features of the Kenyan Coastal Region

If you are visiting Kenya for your holiday; and probably you have never had an opportunity to be there. Then the country has many of the places that you and perhaps your family can enjoy. These includes beach resorts with traditional and foreign dishes, the features of the Kenyan coastal region, wildlife in the national and marine parks, physical features like mountains, lakes, rivers and peoples' communities that still hold some of the most richest African Traditional cultural practices.

The features of the Kenyan coastal region has many contrasting sites. These cool attractions consist of climate, scenery, populace and the history of a … Click Here To Continue Reading

Travel Destinations For Tourists


There are few places left on earth today whereby there is combination of peoples, sceneries, climate and wildlife resulting in land of beauty. There are still few places left whereby politics do not restrict travelling in such places. The world is becoming increasingly populated and day to day conflicts arise. There are still few places left that one can enjoy and leave daily cares and worries of the life.

If you are a traveler or a tourist looking for places that you could enjoy good and natural features; Then Kenyan tourism attraction sites are ideal for you and your family.

From tropical Indian Ocean at the coast through the

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