The Features Of The Kenyan Coastal Region

The Features of the Kenyan Coastal Region

If you are visiting Kenya for your holiday; and probably you have never had an opportunity to be there. Then the country has many of the places that you and perhaps your family can enjoy. These includes beach resorts with traditional and foreign dishes, the features of the Kenyan coastal region, wildlife in the national and marine parks, physical features like mountains, lakes, rivers and peoples' communities that still hold some of the most richest African Traditional cultural practices.

The features of the Kenyan coastal region has many contrasting sites. These cool attractions consist of climate, scenery, populace and the history of a man. In between this aesthetic place and the up-country, you can behold mountains, plains and game reserves. These are no man's land. This east African coast served as trade center for the Arabs. For many centuries; the coast dwellers looked unto the east for their trades. The skins, slaves and the ivory was the main trading commodities.

Heading northward you will see the mangrove swamps and the impenetrable evergreen offshore jungles. This is where poles are sourced. They are used for building homes. You will find the Swahili, Giriama, Digo and the Bajun who are local farmers and fishermen.

In these shallow warm water; There existed many coral species long before the tourists started being attracted. There are polyps  and these cliffs are a result of polyps dying generations which has incredibly built up submarine cliff. Those cliffs are now in most cases  protecting the coast. There are starfish, sea-urchins, fish, coral and underwater flowers that are littered at this sea-bed and in this aquarium, the colours are ethereal. However due to man's search for food; Fishing tends to defile it.


Let me give a little history of the Mombasa town. The town was founded in the eleventh century by the Arabs.
This town is the chief port of the Kenya and it is located on the coral-line island in the coastal region of the idian ocean.

This town was an important port across the Indian ocean that was used for trade. In the year 1331 the Arab traveler Ibn Battutah and the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama; Both visited Mombasa because it had a very strategic position. The fight between the Arabs, Pershians, Portuguese and the Turks went on until the year 1840. This is the period when Sultan gained control over it.

As other tourists attraction destinations around the country Mombasa has its own related story.

Year in year out thousands of holiday makers from different parts of the globe make their way into this coastal region. Whoever gets his feet never forgets or gets shorts of the things expected on this place like, beach-sporting, diving, boat-riding as well as swimming.

When in Mombasa visit the Shree Cutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple. When one nears its entrance will find it guarded by two blue coated plaster sahibs. There is a portrayal of Krishna's sundry re-incarnation. It was constructed in the year 1957-1960 by a member of the Hindu congregation and who was a voluntary member of the sect.

This town is known for its local and international tourists attraction sites and feature.  The town is ideal place for holiday spenders who likes swimming and take different African cuisine together with their families. During the holidays families flock the place to bath in salty water, enjoy dishes at the hotels and enjoy the cool bliss of the coast.

For those who love art find yourself very aesthetic pieces of crafts crafted by the African contemporary artist and creators. These ranges from sculptures, paintings, African apparels and dishes and also other the features of the Kenyan coastal region like the national parks.

Also at the outskirts of the Mombasa, there are other sites like Lamu, Malindi, Watamu and the Ndiani Beach. These also serves as the most visited tourists attraction sites.

Fort Jesus

The Fort  Jesus is one of the oldest building structure It was constructed by the Portuguese  in the year 1593. This is one of the out-standing forts that were built by the Portuguese on the coast of Africa.

The Fort Jesus is located in the hearts of the coastal region. This served as a military stronghold. The walls that surrounds this structure is about eight feet thick and about fifty feet high which is a two acre coral ridge that defied undermining. An attempt to storm these walls was suicidal almost every face of it was covered by cross-fire.

Diani Beach

Diani Beach is located on the northern side and about 30 kilometers from Mombasa. During your stay at the beach you will enjoy plenty of sunlight and serenity that perhaps you have never  enjoyed on any other part of the world.

Diani is a six mile beach full of bliss, white sand, palms, gardens and beach resorts. This is where the locals as well as the foreigners comes to jungle.  You will find butterflies and baboons which often walks across the track, the birds also enjoys the cool environment. The environment at the Diani Beach is very clean and romantic. One will enjoy the cool whispers of the ocean bliss.

Malindi Marine Park

Although there has been a long-standing ally between Milton's Melind and Portugal, we now have the modern Malindi which is no longer for the historian. In the recent; Malindi has been to Giriama farmers and fishermen. This is also a place whereby it has been meant for retirees from  up the country. There are properties that still stand seedy-luxurious in the garden behind the beaches. This has since lured the tourists.

The Malindi Marine Park is well-known for its deep sea fishing.


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