There are few places left on earth today whereby there is combination of peoples, sceneries, climate and wildlife resulting in land of beauty. There are still few places left whereby politics do not restrict travelling in such places. The world is becoming increasingly populated and day to day conflicts arise. There are still few places left that one can enjoy and leave daily cares and worries of the life.

If you are a traveler or a tourist looking for places that you could enjoy good and natural features; Then Kenyan tourism attraction sites are ideal for you and your family.

From tropical Indian Ocean at the coast through the highland and the Great Rift to the lakes live a fascinating medley of tribes and races of men in a land for the most of its part which has not been spoiled.

Traditional Bride
African Traditional Bride

The Masai community is one of the few Kenyan communities that preserved their rich cultural practices.

This community attracts visitor from within and outside Kenya.

From the way they dress, handle family matters; All portray a rich African traditional lifestyle.

There are many places including national parks, natural features like mountains, river, lakes, natural forests and the coastal region.  Tourists often enjoy watching wild animals, birds and the marine dwellers. These are some of the features that Kenya prides its self in. Her 225,000 square mile panoramic wealth, Kenya pride herself for visitors who come from around the world. They come to enjoy the glory of her natural resources and her natural beauty.

Among the three east African states that gain independence, Kenya is unquestionably first in progress and prosperity.

Geographically, Kenya is bordered to the north by the Somaliland desert, the Ethiopia and the Sudan respectively. On her eastern side lies the Somali and the Indian Ocean. On her southern side lie Tanzania and the Uganda on her west side.

Equator cuts Kenya across with 5 degrees of latitudes to the north and 4’ 40 to the south.

Kenya has many impressive tourist circuits. These includes: hotels, competent personnel to help in flight, tour guides and drive.

Let me mention few of the country’s great natural resources.

The Great Rift Valley

One of the great phenomenon feature is the great rift valley. This occurred as a result fault in the earth crust. The development of the two parallel cracks whereby the portion of the land between the two sank (about 4,000 miles of the land from Beira to the Dead sea leading to the development of the great rift valley). In the midst of the valley lie many of the features including rivers, lakes, escapements, volcanoes, caves and forests.

On the west of the Rift, one will climb through the forests, stalk escapements and well cultivated slopes of land by the former white settlers, the massif of the Mount Elgon which is shared between Kenya and Uganda. This Mountain is at 3860 feet above the sea level. More to the west of the Great Rift is the Lake Victoria of the Luo Nyanza. Fishing using boats is the main economic activities practiced here.

The lakes and features in the Great Rift Valley

The Naivasha

From Nairobi skirts Mount Longonot and then land on the lake that’s blessed with the sunshine.

The town lies at the midst of the Great Rift Valley. There are the Lake Naivasha and the Hells Gate.  Naivasha  is the Masai tribe name (the lake). The name was corrupted by the European explorers for mis-pronunciation the name of their Swahili porters. This lake was discovered by a German naturalist Gustav Fischer on 11th May 1883. The place has clumps and papyrus that constantly keeps splinting and drifting. The lake keeps changing the water levels. This makes the place to look changing every now and then depending on the rainfalls.

The Hells Gate

There is a volcanic stack. This volcanic stack is named after the German explorer. This may indicate the outlet of a primaeval lake that united Naivasha, Nakuru and Elementaita. There is an easy track that leads downwards to the hot springs. There are some approximately four hundreds species of birds. This makes the place to be described as a “bewilderment of birds”. At the Hells Gate you may see some of the rare lammergeyer, Verreaux’s eagle and the Nyanza swift. The Hells Gate has as its sentry Fischer’s Tower.


This is the oldest town upcountry.  Nakuru is one of the currently big towns in the country. This town has good tourist attraction sites; They include Lake Nakuru, The national parks and the wonderful flamingo birds This town started with a shop in the year 1900. This is when the railway constructors took a pause before heading to Londian.

Lake Nakuru

This lake, has been termed as the finest ornithological spectacle on the earth. In the year 1961, the place was made a national park. There are fresh water springs that enters the lake from its north to supply the lake with inflows.  The pelican birds stop by the lake to refresh themselves and wash off the soda. There are no drainage on the lake.  Evaporation is the only source the lake loses water.

You will find the myriad flamingos within the lake feeding heads down and their tongue pumping the water  then filters for its blue-green algae.

The Lake was discovered by an Australian Count Teleki. He reported the little lake of the Nakuru Sekalai in year 1888.

There are approximately four hundred species of birds in this region. There are also several mammals around this region; The Bohor reedbuck,  the zebras, Grant’s gazelles, leopards and baboons. There you can also spot several hippopotamus in the lake.

The Menengai Crater

Menengai was once a volcanic mountain (which is now extinct). Located north of Nakuru, it has a crater that has an area of approximately 35 miles and 7466 feet above the sea level.

Nyahururu Falls

The Nyahururu Falls (also known as Thomson Falls).  Located along Nyahururu- Nakuru road , the falls were named in 1883 by the Dumfries Scotland explorer Joseph Thomson (where the name Thomson Falls originated). The falls is the Kenya’s third highest fall measuring approximately two hundred and forty three feet.

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